What’s Wrong With Madonna?

What’s wrong with Madonna?

That’s the questions thousands of furious fans have been left asking, after the Queen of Pop took to the stage hours late for the THIRD time in a week.

Fans were left fuming after the troubled 57-year-old failed to start her show in Atlanta until almost 11pm on Wednesday.

Many who had payed hundreds of dollars to see the latest stop on her Rebel Heart tour, demanded refunds and told how they were forced to leave early so they could catch the last train home and make it to work the following morning.

The furor comes just days after Madonna was forced to fiercely deny she was drunk on stage after another late arrival in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday night and incensing fans, including Reba McEntire, by again, arriving more than two hours late in Nashville on Monday.

Many blasted the star on Twitter.

Shortly before 11pm on Wednesday, Tyler King, of Decatur, Georgia, said: ‘Apparently, Madonna doesn’t give a s*** about her fans in Atlanta either. Still hasn’t taken the stage. #rude’

Madonna’s worrying behavior comes amid a heated legal dispute with ex-husband Guy Ritchie over the custody of their 15-year-old son Rocco

The Like A Virgin singer hinted at her heartache on Instagram, posting a picture of her face with what looks like the hand of Fatima tattooed in henna on it (a symbol of protection) and captioned it: ‘Now more than ever………… evenheartsmadeoutofsteelcanbreak. #rebelheart @mdnaisindestrctable.’


She also shared another picture of herself, writing: ‘I have a tale to tell…………..sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well #tearsofaclown.’

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