Tommy Chong On Trump: “He’s Gonna Fool Everybody, ‘Cause He’s A Liar.”

Yes, we caught up with Tommy Chong, AGAIN. Sure he’s the poster child for weed but that’s what makes it so great about talking with him. Remember when he talked about Eddie Murphy’s comments on Bill Cosby,  and then he talked with us about Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and penis reductions. Oh and how about when he weighed in on the spate of deaths in the entertainment world -Bowie, Glenn Frey, Alan Rickman, and his life goal of legalizing weed.

This time we asked about the newly elected POTUS Donald Trump. Chong eagerly said, I “think he’s gonna fool everybody ’cause he’s a liar.”

Chong then continued to try to explain Donald Trump’s Machiavelli “skill of winning.”

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