Sacha Baron Cohen Arrives At LAX in Character as Nobby from His New Movie “The Brothers Grimsby”

Sacha Baron Cohen certainly knows how to stay in character– and that’s why the world loves him!

The creator of Ali G , Borat and Bruno arrived at LAX yesterday as his latest character Football Hooligan Nobby Butcher to promote his upcoming action comedy, The Brothers Grimsby.

Cohen was dressed in short jeans, socks, sandals and an England football jersey and munching on a packet of crisps (Potato Chips, for you Americans reading this)…..We are surprised he didn’t have a pint of Stella Artois in his hand as that would have made the costume complete.

Much to the amusement of fans and the paparazzi he jumped into a cab and joked that the driver was going to drive recklessly.

The Brothers Grimsby hits theaters on March 11, 2016…let’s hope it’s more coherent then the poor attempt he makes at sounding like he’s from Grimsby.

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