Mob Wives Star Big Ang Has Stage IV Lung And Brain Cancer

Mob Wives star Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola has been hospitalized for stage 4 lung and brain cancer.

The VH1 reality star’s sister Janine Detore told how treatments have stopped working and so the family have created a GoFundMe page seeking $25,000 for alternative cures.

Writing on the crowdfunding account, Janine wrote: “My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 brain and lung cancer.

“Chemotherapy was started January 5th.  On January 26th the doctor reviewed her CT scan and informed us that the treatment was not working, and in fact one tumor grew larger and the other tumors had no change.”

She goes on”We were advised that she would start immunotherapy the following week. Well here we are at the emergency room waiting to see why her breathing is labored and the amount of pain she is having is by far more than she could handle.

“So I suggested cannabis oil as an alternative. This is why I am putting up this go fund me to try to help my sister to get this oil to help her at least be pain free. Angela cannot function to work anymore.”

Fans have already exceeded the goal amount and have donated over $30,000.

The 55-year-old was diagnoses with a lemon-sized tumor in her throat in March and the mom-of-two and grandma underwent surgery again in June.


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