Leonardo DiCaprio Prevents Rihanna Kissing Photos Being Published

Leonardo DiCaprio has used French privacy laws to block photos of him kissing Rihanna being published.

The 40-year-old actor and Rihanna, 27, appeared to be kissing when they were photographed in Paris’s L’Arc nightclub on Sunday night.

But when the snaps were offered to publications, Leo’s lawyers sent a warning letter saying he objected to them being published and had a right to privacy under French law.

Leo, who has been in the French capital promoting latest movie The Revenant and Rihanna have been linked since last year, when they were rumoured to have enjoyed a brief romance.

France has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world and the French constitution demands that everyone has the right to privacy.

It is not the first time the Wolf of Wall Street star  has turned to French law.

Last year he sued Oops! magazine for claiming he fathered a child with Rihanna and told the singer that he did not want the baby.

The French court ruled in favour of the star and was awarded 8,000 Euros in damages.

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