Khloe to Lamar: Stop Paying For Sex At Brothels

Khloe Kardashian today revealed how she has begged husband Lamar Odom to stay away from brothels.

The 31-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star told radio host Howard Stern how she’d laid into her wayward estranged hubby after the former NBA player almost died following his $75,000 drug binge at a Nevada brothel.

Speaking on the radio show on Wednesday morning, after Stern asked why Lamar, 36, would have to pay for sex, Khloe said: “ I said ‘You do whatever the f*** you do but please don’t go to a disgusting brothel again. If you want to pay someone, pay someone in the privacy of your own hotel.’

“He said he obviously wasn’t thinking and promised he won’t go back to a place like that.”

Khloe also revealed the extent of Lamar’s drug use on that infamous night, when Stern asked her why Lamar had been taking herbal Viagra.

She said: “When you are doing so many things you are a little limp down there.

“My understanding is he took it because that’s what they had there at the brothel.”

While she was in NY, Khloe also hit up ‘GMA’ … where she admitted she and Lamar are only technically married.

Even though she put the breaks on her divorce papers being processed, she insisted there’s nothing romantic between them anymore.

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