Kanye West Declares Bill Cosby’s Innocence On Twitter

Kanye West appeared to defend Bill Cosby this week when he showed his support for the comedian on Twitter.

In a controversial tweet on Tuesday, the rapper said he believes Cosby to be innocent, amid legal battles regarding the 78-year-old’s sexual assault investigation.

“BILL COSBY INNOCENT!!!!!” wrote West, 38, whose new album is due to be released in two days.

Within an hour, the tweet received 23,000 likes and over 21,000 re-tweets, however many of the responses slammed West as inappropriate.

Leading the charge against the singer was comedian Sarah Silverman, who wrote online: ‘Kanye!! You can’t be for real. FIFTY WOMEN. With nothing to gain thanks to a statute of limitations ON RAPE. Oy.’

Scores of people quickly supported Silverman and tweeted similar responses at West.

Celebrities have previously condemned Cosby over the sexual assault claims against him, including Judd Apatow and Lena Dunham.

Cosby is currently confronting allegations made by Andrea Constand, who says Cosby sexually assaulted her at his house in January 2004 after giving her pills that knocked her out.


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