Hunger Games‘ Jack Quaid Raises Awareness of Income Inequality on Mental Health

Actor Jack Quaid (Hunger Games, Vinyl) wants you to join Project UROK and the Harry Potter Alliance in fighting the stigma around mental illness and economic inequality. We want to hear from you! How has economic inequality impacted your mental health experience? Use the hashtag #MyHungerGames to tell your story on social media, and visit our website to learn how to make a video for Project UROK and the #MyHungerGames blog.

What is #MyHungerGames? Based on 2014’s social media conversations around the Mockingjay movie release and the real life impact of economic inequality, the #MyHungerGames blog will serve as a place to learn about how economic inequality impacts real people in areas like mental health, criminal justice, the environment, and more. It will also serve as a call to action, offering opportunities to visitors to help decrease the stigma and increase access to mental health services in their communities.

Throughout The Hunger Games series, many characters deal with mental illness. Katniss’ mother lives with depression, Haymitch struggles with addiction, Peeta becomes dissociated from reality, and Katniss struggles with PTSD following her time in the arena. Yet throughout the series, there seem to be no mental health resources available. In Panem’s poorest districts, people who need quality mental health services are forced to go without.

Sadly, this injustice isn’t limited to dystopian fiction. In the real world, many people go without mental health services because of economic inequality.

Ready to tell your story? Submit a video to Project UROK by following the instructions here! Have questions? Please contact or

We’re excited to hear your story, and we can’t wait to see how you will help change the world! -Project UROK

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