Gwyneth Paltrow Takes 11-Year-Old Daughter For $450 Snake Venom Facials

GWYNETH Paltrow’s  daughter is a real mini-me and could that be down to the fact she enjoys the same $450 facials as her mum?

Hollywood skin care specialist Sonya Dakar revealed the self-proclaimed lifestyle guru and her 11-year-old daughter Apple, whose dad is Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, enjoy bonding while having her pricey snake venom facials.

The snake venom treatment claims to freeze muscles in the face and give a botox-style effect without the use of invasive needles.

Sonya has revealed Gwyneth believes giving Apple the treatments at such a young age will help her stay looking younger for longer.

Sonya told The Mirror: “She loves it. She said ‘Mummy, you have to go only to Sonya.’ She’s so into health.”

The therapist continued: “She looks better than ever and thinks it is never too early to start taking care of yourself. There is nothing invasive about the facials and Apple really enjoys them.

“It is simply a fun mother-daughter bonding day out and something they love doing together.”

Fans of Gwyneth know that she’s no stranger to outlandish spa treatments.

Last year came under fire after she recommended all women get their vaginas steamed….let’s just hope poor Apple doesn’t have to endure that any time soon!

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