Fans eager to see Actress Stana Katic settle for Jessica Chastain and Luke Wilson at Spirit Awards

Fans gathered near the Santa Monica Pier on Feb 27, 2016 to spot their favorite Hollywood movie stars as they arrived at he 2016 Independent Spirit Awards.

Three lovely tourists who use their vacation time every year and travel all the way to Los Angeles during award season were eager to lay eyes and get an autograph from their favorite actress Stana Katic…

While not really a household name that flows off the tongue here in the Good Ole USA her TV show “Castle” is a huge hit on German TV ( But then again it is the same country that made David Hasselhoff a number selling recording artist..)

Despite a lot of waiting around and yelling and screaming, when she finally did show up Stana gave a vigorous wave and hurried off to the red carpet, but didn’t sign any autographs or pose for any selfies much to the disappointment of our 3 lovely frauliens…….

Luckily Jessica Chastain , Luke Wilson and Cynthia Nixon spent time going down the line of fans and happily signing and posing….

An we even spotted Andre Royo who plays shady Lawyer “Thirsty Rawlings” on the hit show Empire who gave a shout out as to when the show is coming back.

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