Dustin Hoffman Weighs In On Trump and a “Tootsie” Remake

We caught up with a bearded Dustin Hoffman as he made a quick stop to a newsstand.

The Oscar-winning star gave us a rather empathetic point of view of Trump and his supporters and suggested checking out the book “Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis” by J.D Vance in order to understand that perspective.

When asked about his feelings on a remake of “Tootsie,” Hoffman said he “kinda likes the idea they are remaking  stuff” because “it makes you go to see the original.”

But the best part of this video, is at the end when The Hoff (yes, we’re gonna call him that), asks our camera guy if the picture of Biggie Smalls on his t-shirt is his son. HA! Really?! Who doesn’t know who Biggie is? Dustin Hoffman doesn’t, that’s who. But that’s ok, because he’s busy making great films, and winning Oscars, and reading books to understand the Trump mentality.

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