Deadly Combination of Drugs Found On Scott Weiland’s Tour Bus

A deadly combination of drugs were found on the tour bus where Scott Weiland died, it was revealed today.

Police who searched the Stone Temple Pilot’s vehicle after his death found drugs ranging from hardcore narcotics to prescription medication.

TMZ obtained a copy of the search warrant by cops in Bloomington, MN  and it shows they discovered at least 2 bags of a white substance that tested positive for cocaine, a generic version of Xanax, two brands of sleeping tablets, a synthetic opiate painkiller, Viagra and Ziprasidone, which is used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Police also found one bag of a green, leafy substance.

Troubled Weiland had a long history of substance abuse and in 2001 was diagnosed as bipolar.

Toxicology reports form the singer’s autopsy are expected in four to eight weeks.

Weiland passed away Dec. 3 in a bedroom on his tour bus.

The musician was reportedly found by his personal manager asleep, but when help arrived, they determined the singer was in cardiac arrest.


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