Could O.J. Simpson Have Degenerative Brain Disease, CTE?

A world-renowned pathologist believes O.J.Simpson suffers from CTE, the degenerative brain disease linked to football players.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, the doctor who first identified the disease in football players and inspired the movie Concussion starring Will Smith told People: “I would bet my medical license that he has CTE,”

He added:  “Given his profile, I think it’s not an irresponsible conclusion to suspect he has CTE.”

Back in 2012 when news leaked the disgraced football Hall of Famer was considering blaming his 2007 conviction for armed robbery and kidnapping on the concussions he allegedly sustained during his 11 years in the NFL, most people dismissed it as a flimsy legal maneuver by a desperate man.

But ever since the idea Simpson could be suffering from CTE  has gained traction.

Those suffering from the disease, which can only conclusively be confirmed after death by testing cross sections of brain tissue, exhibit a wide range of symptoms.

These include mood swings, unjustified violent tendencies, domestic violence, criminality and exaggerated emotional reactions to every day stresses.

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