Clarence Thomas Accuser Anita Hill In L.A. For Premiere of “Confirmation”

Anita Hill was in L.A. to attend the premiere of the new HBO film Confirmation in which she is played by Kerry Washington, airing on April 16th.

Even the paparazzi make mistakes but none as startling as our trusty cameraman accidentally calling Anita Hill, Miss Thomas….and if you’re not sure why that is such a huge faux pas we’ll tell you why.

Back in 1991 during the Supreme Court Nomination of Federal Judge Clarence Thomas to replace Thurgood Marshall, Hill said in televised hearings that Thomas had sexually harassed her while he was her supervisor at the Department of Education and the EEOC….So being called the name of the person you accused of harassing you would be pretty distressing, luckily for us she didn’t seem to have heard the mistake.

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